Business Coaching and Mentoring for your success, maximise your potential

I work with clients throughout New Zealand via zoom online or face to face for those in Tauranga.  I have worked with a huge variety of business owner types from Accountants, Financial Advisors, Directors, Managers, to Professional services.

My founding concept is based on the realisation that the level of frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and dissatisfaction that exists today in business needs to be often looked at on an individual level. What is really going on and why?

No matter how much “consulting”, or strategy plans, or advice and mentoring was given, they would soon self-sabotage.

My has successfully rescued and transformed many individuals and their businesses by equipping them with the right tools and clarity, new believes and an action plan.  My mission is to assist you with your decision making, for you to gain greater clarity over your options and to work with you in building a better business which leads to a better life.

With my unique blend of business training, experience and qualifications combined with head based training. I am not your average business coach.


  • Needing some clarity
  • Feeling a bit alone in your business
  • Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated.
  • Stuck inside your many ideas
  • Finding you are waking in the night with too much on your mind
  • Lacking work life balance and meaning
  • Procrastinating
  • Scattered with your strategy and plans
  • Lacking the Self-confidence required.


Angela's business coaching helps people feel strong, clear minded and calm, capable and in control of their professional role, so you and your business are thriving as a result which then will have a flow on effect onto your personal life also. 


  • Identifying your purpose, personal values, and the goals you set.
  • Barriers to your professional growth
  • Emotional intelligence (Understanding you and how you currently operate and why)
  • Tools to deal with feelings of eg: stress, frustrations, low-mood or anger.
  • Goals you set are Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic & Time Bound.
  • Gain clarity, understanding, knowledge, tools and an empowered mindset
  • You are held accountable and if need be challenged to face the hard questions


Angela focuses on where you are now, where you wish to be in the future, and what you are willing to do to get there. Passionate and excited to explore with you what’s going on and the why, you get time to reflect and learn. Angela will equip you and empower you with tools and knowledge to feel strong, capable. Gain tools to silence one’s own ‘inner critic’ and thus release you from the critical element of what probably has been holding you back from achieving what is possible with your business.

Your Professional Development is worth investment in.

Angela is that person who understands, can be trusted upfront and honest and who business owners can openly talk about anything (and I mean anything!) but being uncompromising in the sense of ensuring they achieve what they are capable of achieving. The work we do together is confidential

Lets Chat - CONTACT ANGELA  phone 027 348 3207

I offer a free 30 mins consultation. So you can see if my coaching is right for you.