Life Coaching for growth and success


Personal coaching 

This is based around you achieving results around what you are wanting that are lasting and positive which translates into your daily behaviour, direction and perspective due to the new evidence and believes around success you now have. Life always presents itself with challenges but when these begin to impact our lives in some way or hinder us from walking forward then looking at things from a holistic scope is vital for success.

We’ll develop a life coaching plan together, tailor-made for you. Life coaching is more than achieving goals or getting unstuck - it’s getting excited and motivated for the whole journey ahead. You’ll build self-awareness, realise your path and get the tools to walk it

Family & Relationship coaching.

I applying my extensive coaching experience, intuitive and wisdom to help families and couples overcome obstacles, get unstuck and gain clarity and or realise goals together. Often our professional goals are made possible through a happy stable and well-aligned personal life.

My strategies and tools are designed to help all areas of life, plus strike a healthy work-life balance


My sessions and packages are tailored to your unique needs

Looking back on the last six months since I started life coaching with Angela, it is amazing to see how much I have changed.  I will always be grateful to her for all that she has taught me.  I have changed from being quite depressed, feeling powerless, negative and having little excitement about the future to a person who is living by my motivators – freedom, love and passion.  I feel so positive, my self-esteem has increased greatly and I feel so positive and driven to make the best of my life and my business, not to mention others have noticed and commented on the positive change in me.  I have learnt to take my power back and to focus on myself and what I can do. I now have the ability to make a successful business and have a happy personal life.  The skills Angela has taught me are ones I will rely on for the rest of my life.

— Vicky Pattison, Nelson 

When I was at a cross roads in my career, Angela helped me navigate my future. Ultimately, she helped me decide what road to take. I would highly recommend Angela as an excellent coach. She’s personable, helpful & always very patient with the utmost integrity.

— Ian Challenger, Nelson

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Needing clarity or direction? Take up this laser focused session to get you on track.

One 90 minute one-on-one session face to face via zoom or skype.

Making meaningful changes to you and your life with this high value 

Twelve 60 minute sessions face to face or via zoom or skype.

For those who are serious to see a sustainable lasting change with this premium 

Nineteen 60 minute sessions face to face via zoom or skype.

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