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Clarify - Believe -Transform

Its time to begin a new chapter of freedom!!

I will walk you through the process to freedom and wholeness to fulfill your destiny.

We all have experienced in our life some form of pain, be it in our childhood or later in life. Life does not treat us all the time in the way which we would like therefore no-one gets to live life immune from pain of some kind, be the incident or trauma big or small as we are all created uniquely they will affect each of us differently due to how our body processes the pain. When this event is not processed well but stored up within us undealt with it leaves us with wounds in our heart which we then carry with us and it impacts later many areas of our life.

Wounds from life are stored up in our cells which are held in our memories and so will surface when we are triggered in some way and show up in our present reality, be it through the words we speak, our actions and our behaviour, this then affects all areas of our life and the decisions we do or don’t make and our relationships. So...


  • Going around the same mountain
  • Finding you are consistently up against the same issues and challenges
  • Know you should be in a better place doing better but for some reason can’t seem to break through.
  • Feeling battered and broken
  • The disappointments that keep popping up in your mind


  • Trust issues
  • Avoids confrontation
  • Stressful family life
  • Self sabotaging relationships
  • Judging yourself & others
  • Anxiety attacking your life
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Pain issues in your body, diseases, mental health issues.

My healing and coaching modality is formatted to give you

A unique and powerful set of tools that enable us both to quickly dive into your past briefly to identify problems, belief systems, cycles and  root issues that impact on the way we deal with life, our purpose and destiny. My sessions are very much forward focused so you no longer are constantly bringing your past wounds into your current life but instead to give you understanding and freedom, to have a clean foundation to now build from and to claim back your life and allow the real you to show up to the world

The result is a healthier perspective, lasting freedom so you can walk in the destiny you have been called.


  • To claim back your life with a healed heart and mind.

  • Walk through the pain, gain insights and self-awarness 

  • Create a firm foundation, get the tools and reconstruct

  • Forgive others - forgive yourself

  • You will have a aha moment gain clarity and feel a release from past wounds and gain Truths on the issues, given tools to now move forward free.

  • Coached, mentored and supported 

  • Able to live free from the shackles of your past.

If you are determined and ready to move forward then lets chat - CONTACT ANGELA  phone 027 348 3207

I offer a free 30 mins consultation. So you can see if my emotional prosperity coaching is right for you.

Laser session (Gain understanding & peeling off the first layer) $169

2 sessions  $299

8 sessions  $997