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Financial freedom and security can seem like an unattainable goal, I specialise in dealing with the whole psychology aspect around money. After all having a great budget alone or a plan as to what could be, 70% of the time won't work long term. As it won't be long before you will back doing the same old same old, even though you may be earning a great income, which is great but how do you feel about your finances?

Questions to ask is your money growing the way you wish it to? How are you managing what you currently have? I have been helping people in this area since 2006.


  • Gain control & order with your money for financial success and growth?
  • Get Debt Free Faster, Save more & achieve your financial Goals?
  •  Stop Living Payday to Payday?
  • Are your beliefs and behaviour around money holding you back?
  • Is your household expenses affecting your business cash flow?
  • Concerned about being able to enjoy your retirement years?

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Wealth Audit Package: 

2 sessions, over 2 weeks 

My partner and I went to see Angela as we knew we needed to get serious about how we were spending our money and make some changes if we were going to succeed in getting rid of our debt faster and start saving for our first home. We had 3 sessions with Angela and I was impressed to learn how much I was actually squandering away on not much and so amazed and encouraged to see how much I can now be achieving towards my goals if I stick with the plan. Angela is easy to get on with, non-judgemental and tells you how it really is, she gave some great tips on how to be using my money wiser and what to do to avoid a couple of pitfalls I sometimes would face and they worked well. So glad I made the decision to get help.

— Yen Pettersson


Wealth Acceleration Package:

8 sessions, over 3 months 

My wife and I struggled to correctly manage our money and to also communicate with each other about it. When Angela outlined what we would be covering over the 8 weeks, we easily jumped at the opportunity to sort out The phycology behind why we do what we do with money was very eye-opening!! Angela guided us through a series of homework tasks (with some humour thrown in) and she very quickly made us realise that the status quo was not an option. 

Now, my wife and I have the same goals laid out and a plan to achieve them! We now discuss money openly, without stress or arguments. The small investment we made to be partnered with Angela, has already saved us thousands!!! Thank you, Angela, you're an angel!!    

If you are reading this and asking yourself, 'I wonder if my financial position could be better?', I suggest you contact Angela for a no obligation chat. You will be so pleased you did, just like us. 

— Trev & Rose Simpson


Wealth Success Package: 

10 sessions over 6 months 

The best gift I've given myself was money coaching with Angela Cheruseo. I first met Angela at a breast cancer awareness breakfast in Tauranga. You know when you meet someone who is calm and funny at the same time and you're like "I'll have what she is having" - that was what it felt like meeting Angela. We worked together, taking me to the next level by uncovering my values, motivations, fears and beliefs, and setting me up with a plan and some awesome habits to achieve my financial goals. Book in for the obligation free session - you are worth it!  

- Tarita John

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