The people I meet pretty much all have the same desire: they wish they could be saving more money to buy and do what they really want. So why then do so many of us fall short in achieving the lifestyle we dream of?

I'm sorry to say but the small things really do matter. They have a big impact on whether you can successfully be moving forward with your finances.  Don't wait to win the lotto or be hoping for the work bonus or pay increase, or a better job.

Begin now to clean up your spending habits and stop justifying them or avoiding the issue, because its too hard.  Make the time.

Nine money-wasters

  1. Daily coffee trips.
  2. Premium sky package - do you actually watch 90% of the channels you are paying for?
  3. Unused gym membership.
  4. Designer clothing for babies and children, continual purchases of nice things for the home.
  5. Bank fees: overdraft fees and ATM fees.
  6. Deal websites - purchasing things online at discounted prices, do you need it?
  7. Credit card interest too high.
  8. Fun money - having a budget for this area helps.
  9. Having too many variable expenses that choke the budget and stop you from saving.

Young businessmen around a table at a cafeThis all may sound simple, which it is. But many people are not bothered enough or disciplined enough to sort it.  if you do not have a plan, a actual written budget written down to follow, with goals in it for saving then you can't succeed to your fullest potential and more than likely will not achieve the lifestyle you really want. Successful people get ahead by having a plan and sticking to it.

You need to start to take care of the pennies so you will be able to take care of the pounds.  Don't despise the days of small beginnings either. Even if cleaning up the leaks in your finances enable you to save just $7 a week, do it put the money aside, it all adds up.  Plus it shows you are in control of your finances so when you get more money coming in you won't just blow the extra.

If you want to succeed then begin by doing something different. It's worth the effort.


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