Lets Talk Money as there is No Avoiding It

So let’s not avoid the topic around money in hope it will go away therefore I want to touch on couple of things. We all know matter what you earn or believe will. Think about money. Work for money. Try and save money. Will spend money. And “give” your money We all have to deal with it.......

How to have more gratitude at this time of year

This really is one of my favorite times of year, because ‘tis the season to be thankful, as we get together with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company. Plus, it is summer that in itself is reason to be “Thankful” This is so applicable to what I teach, because in order to win with money (and in all areas of life, really), we need to....

5 everyday disasters from loans to be wware of

Google the Words "I want a loan" and you'll be offered many options to go to. But there is money to be made lending cash to Kiwis to fulfil their every whim — and the sharks are circling. Loans don't always "make life easier". They can spiral out of control. Here are 5 everyday disasters that can occur and many I have witnessed.. Loan

4 ways to avoid money arguments in your relationship

Money conflicts are responsible for 27% of all divorces, making it the third leading cause, according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis. This may seem rather grim for married couples, but it doesn’t have to be. There are various steps that experts say couples can take to avoid letting money matters get the best of their marriage. So whether you’re about to say......

8 ways to save money & reach your financial goals

The New Year provides the perfect opportunity to examine past spending habits and look for new ways to set goals and save money. Planning a budget, let alone sticking to one, can seem like a daunting task, but by taking little steps, you can effect big financial changes. Let’s get started:

Tips to be financially prepared & stress-free this Christmas

Dave Ramsey says it perfectly. "Why are we stressed financially at Christmas when we have all year to plan for it? We know it’s coming!" It's one of the most expensive and busiest times of the year, with only 4 months to go we need to start preparing for it now if we have not yet begun. Think about what would you...

How to plan a wedding budget & some tips

Congratulations on the upcoming big day! There are of course so many things to plan and organise and it all costs money. What can you afford and how much will you need? This of course is personal and every situation is different. It does not have to be over the top and lavish. You can have a fabulous wedding without breaking the budget. If you plan wisely. It shouldn’t be...

7 tips for saving money on your supermarket bill

If you have a family, grocery shopping is probably one of your top two weekly expenses, right behind your rent or mortgage. But the good news is that, unlike some bills, you have a strong measure of control over the size of your grocery bill. There are ways to save money on groceries and to take a big chunk out of your food budget.....

5 reasons why people never become wealthy

What are your views? below are my top 5 reasons, with one overall reason that under rides the top 5 and often pops up in other areas of their life also... Take a read and let me know your experiences or thoughts.

Tale of financial infidelity

How Women Can Get Smart about Money Article by Nanci Hellmich from USA TODAY Barbara Stanny, 67, the daughter of Richard Bloch, the "R" of H&R Block, inherited a substantial amount of money, but her husband squandered much of it in bad investments. By the time the marriage ended after 15 years, she had three young children and owed more than $1 million in back taxes.

3 money mindsets to help you believe for success & so receive

Most people prefer not to talk about money, ask for help or ask others who are succeeding with money as to what they are doing. It’s a bit like money is a dirty word it may mean if you bring it up that you aren’t doing well or......

9 most common things that New Zealanders waste their money on

The people I meet pretty much all have the same desire, they wish they could be saving more money to buy and do what they really want. So why then do so many of us fall short in achieving the lifestyle we dream of?

Teach your kids to save

Some of us enjoy exercising our saving muscles more than others. When we don’t it’s because we are Primary Spenders. But just because you may not like to exercise it, you should. Just like our physical muscles can get bigger, teach your kids to exercise their Saver Muscle.