Lets Talk Money as there is No Avoiding It

So let’s not avoid the topic around money in hope it will go away therefore I want to touch on couple of things. We all know matter what you earn or believe will. Think about money. Work for money. Try and save money. Will spend money. And “give” your money We all have to deal with it.......

Overwhelm & anxiety

OVERWHELM - when something is over you. You feel pushed down, defeated by your circumstances. It is important to acknowledge your heart is overwhelmed. Don’t ignore it and operate over the top! We live in a world where right now there is much

LASERVISION for 20-20: Be aware & ready

So its 2020, a new era and a new decade. This is a hugely exciting time!! Do not repeat mistakes or stay stuck. Be determined to grow into all you were created for. Do not look back, do not drag the past into your future in this new season. I want to encourage you around two major issues which I'm well familiar with which we can encounter. Which are...

Shake it off!

Shake it off! What do you think we have to shake off? Our past! Think of your past as dirty dust that is stuck on you from your life experience. When I moved out after being in a home for 27 years, the dust that was located behind the bed, on top of the fridge and behind the washing machine was not a pleasant sight to see. Why does this happen? Because there is no....

Go for it! 4 steps to activate

What are your desires? What makes your heart sing? Allow yourself permission to seek this out and to daydream. Is it for a deeper improved relationship with your husband? More connected time with your kids? More fun (ie joy) in your life? Do you desire to leave behind a legacy? Have more money in the bank? Get ahead further in your business? Have a job you love? Have a purpose?..... Whats Yours?

5 reasons why we often stay emotionally triggered

Without getting into why we get emotionally triggered, or what is going on in our brain to make this occur, I want to look at why we often choose to stay there. This is an important and often overlooked aspect of being emotionally triggered. Here is the de-trigger sequence...

How to disempower and transform negative mindsets

All day long, you are thinking and processing information. Change your thinking and become empowered by Making Choice, Take Every Thought Captive and Replace Toxic Thoughts.

Transforming failures & frustrations into new possibilities

Failure isn’t the end of the line! If you still have breath in your body, you have the chance to move forward and grow through any experience. I want you to not just cope but learn from failures. Failure and frustration can be re-engineered into the very things that make you wiser, stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to fulfil your destiny. Here are six important things to do when...

Using your imagination to propel you to your dreams

Do we give ourselves permission to dream? It seems for many of us as children we get told to “stop day dreaming,” “that’s just wishful thinking it won’t happen” or “you need to think of something more realistic.” These spoken words have squashed many of our dreams. The revelation we all desperately need to grasp is ‘If you can see it, you can have it!’ Science now tells us

5 everyday disasters from loans to be wware of

Google the Words "I want a loan" and you'll be offered many options to go to. But there is money to be made lending cash to Kiwis to fulfil their every whim — and the sharks are circling. Loans don't always "make life easier". They can spiral out of control. Here are 5 everyday disasters that can occur and many I have witnessed.. Loan

5 tactics to beat the blues & boost productivity

Life happens. Things go wrong. It's not always going to go smoothly for any of us. But if you get into a subconscious habit of focusing too much on the... Take a read and gain some tips and insights.

Are you trying to be a superwoman?

Usually, mothers fall more easily into this category… We are trying to be a great mum, a great wife, keep the household clean and in order, cook great meals, whilst working and building our own careers and/or supporting and working for our husbands. It all is too much and often comparison starts to happen (especially in the context of our friends). We are in a society where....

Emails, social media: Procrastination tip

A different view on how to deal with overcoming procrastination that many of you may find helpful. I know it made me think and so I came up with my own strategy to combat moments of procrastination, which has been great. After all we are all different what works for one as a overcoming tool may not be successful for someone else. Take a read see if it could help you.

How to set & achieve your goals

We often do things by habit or allow things to just unfold, but if you want success in an area then train your brain into seeking the important things in your life which you want. Here are 11 tips that..

How to make the best choice when your gut and logic disagree

Until we make a decision we have no target. It is like shooting an arrow in the air with no clue when it will land and we are left stuck and frustrated. Conversely when we make a decision we create mental maps that than direct us to the fulfillment of the decision made. We often hear it said go with your gut, and I must admit I am a person who......

10 tips for when life doesn't go as you had planned

“We all have problems. The way we solve them makes us different” – Unknown. Now isn’t that the truth. It’s our response to the problem that has occurred that determines the outcome. Some stories are so small that they can create just a minor bump in our day to day life, while others go deeper. So much so, that they can change the course of our lives. My story was enough of a bump that ...

Do I commit or quit??

How do I know when the obstacles are just part of the game? Or is it just too hard? You do have to push sometimes, but how do I know when it’s the right time to push or it’s just time to give up, quit and move on? This is a big juicy question, but the fact is...

11 reasons why you are not as In control of your finances as you would like

You are the only one in control of your life story. You can’t control the past. No matter what took place there, there is no point continuing to blame people or events but you can take control now…the future is yours. Often before we can move forward though we do need to stop and understand where we have come from. This is especially true in regards to.....

How to overcome challenges that want to hinder your progress

Challenges and obstacles are something we all need to be geared up for and equipped to deal with, because life just happens and will often throw us an unexpected curve ball. You get knocked down so how do you get up..? What do you do..? read on..

Our financial health starts with our thoughts and attitudes first

Did you realise that your attitude and thoughts towards money affects your Bank Balance. The Power of your Mind, your beliefs, self talk and past, play a huge part in whether you well financially be successful. That’s why I’m afraid it is not the Budget that does not work.