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About Angela Miccio-Harris

I'm sure before you look at working with me you would like to know a little more about who I am.

I love what I do activating, equipping & empowering  people who are ready for for change and to grow in the area of personal development and achieve their hearts desires and their potential in any area of life. To live this life in fulfillment and joy, wholeness and freedom. My clients are either in person face to face in Nelson if they wish or online, I have many clients also throughout New Zealand

I am New Zealand born, Italian blooded, Jesus Lover. I believe that our emotional health and well-being impact all areas of our life, and addressing this has been my passion for over the last 10 years as I've witnessed and experienced first hand how mental well-being can affect our lives and those around us.

I am an author, my most recent book e-book is "The Pyschology of Money" I have written extensively many blogs, and presented many seminars and workshops. I mix empathy and candour in my communication and build trusting, long lasting client relationships. I love what I do and I feel privileged to be equipping my clients to live their best life now.


I have strong family values and work background, along with seven years writing, presenting and coaching, have combined into wide experience and wisdom. My seminars have covered subjects such as emotional intelligence, life balance, financial management, and money mindsets.  My work experience has included been in the banking world managing portfolios of clients as their ‘Money Coach’, guiding people through financial decisions and learning how to manage their money well, and establishing a budgeting service for a non for profit organisation in Nelson which I ran for 5 years.


  • Qualified Sozo Healer (Bethel Sozo NZ )
  • I have learned and continue to broaden my horizon with various courses in: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Health Bethel Transformational School, as well as Emotional and Cultural Intelligence.
  • Evolve Certified Leadership Coach (Emotional Intelligence & Behavioural Coach)
  • Results Certified Coach (Brain-Based Coaching: (NeuroLeadership Group. )
  • Certified Budget Advisor (Kingdom Resources Organisation)
  • A qualified member of the International Coaching Federation. Where I am able to participate in ongoing training, plus supervision and access to varied coaching materials.

Angela's Personal Journey

I have led a full life full of unexpected challenges, events to navigate, and major decisions to make. I know and understand first-hand what it takes to deal with adversity, build a plan and move forward.  I have raised two wonderful children to adulthood, was in a challenging marriage for 27 years. I have navigated through and overcome family health issues and later 2015 my own journey through breast cancer.

I grew up in Nelson and lived there until 2018. I have traveled to Italy many times staying with family, been blessed to have explored more of my heritage and culture and visited briefly many countries. In February 2018 I made a brave and bold move to the Bay of Plenty stepping away from what was familiar and comfortable to me, which was to be for a year only where unexpectedly I met my future husband and best friend Anthony, we lived in Tauranga for a time and February 2021 we both relocated to Nelson.

I love the beach, travel and the outdoors. I live a balanced life of continual learning, stretching and growing, with a daily quiet time spent with God. I do my best to bring my faith into everyday life eg: joy, wisdom, knowledge, peace and faith in the unknown trusting in God are all real and important to me- I love people and love spending time with family and friends. 

My background and journey through life, combined with my more formal training, work experience and faith, has me with a unique skill-set and position to provide practical, engaged and transformational life coaching sessions. I help those who wish to engage in my services break free from what is not working and achieve their goals, to know their potential and who they are, gain clarity and tools to live an empowered, free and passionate life.

Angela Miccio-Harris Life Coach Nelson

Working With Me

I am a "straight up" coach, my sessions are based heavily on listening, understanding and at times of an intuitive coaching style. My aim with you is to gather information and build a complete picture of where you are currently at in life, and where you’d like to be, I am able to give you clarity so we can craft a plan designed specifically for you. When necessary we also include where you have come from - to go to the root of the issues instead of just dealing with the symptoms as to any barriers that maybe showing up.  I work closely on building trust and safety in the coaching relationship, ensuring that you’re comfortable, ready and equipped to walk your path.

My aim is to activate, empower and encourage you. Accountability and asking the tough questions at times throughout our sessions is what will empower you to make the changes with the tools given to you, to do the steps to making what you desire a reality.  Be ready to be challenged but supported as you work through personal, relationships, professional and/or financial challenges as to what may be blocking you to achieve what you wish.

My coaching is:

• Fluff-free
• Compassionate and empathetic
• Pragmatic
• A journey in personal discovery
• Full of insights that you can apply quickly
• Intended to increase confidence and realise your potential
• Safe and completely confidential

My accreditations from Professional Organisations

The Kingdom Centre Nelson

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