Be Yourself - Be Honest - Do Your Best - Take Care Of Your Family - Treat Others With Respect - Be a Good Citizen - Follow Your Dreams - Be Thankful For What You Have - Know God - Be Intentional In Who You Are Becoming.

I'm sure you could add to this list above, but have you ever thought about it? Your Life Philosophy, Your Beliefs? What would you tell a group of young 21 year olds about to head off into the world?

Woman in silhouette diving into water at sunsetHere is something I read awhile back by Brendon Burchard which I liked and I think today often gets unsaid.

You want change?

You want something new?

You want a better quality of life?

Then Discipline will be required.

Work, strength, grit, sweat, time, effort, consistency of effort towards a dream. Thats work! So be proud of it. If you are anti work or are saying "I hate work," then do different work, but find something and work towards it. Don't allow yourself to become a spoilt, whining brat. It's your life and you only get one shot at it.